Septembre 13, 2018

Politique sur les Cookies

This cookie policy complies with the art. 13 of the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and with the Legislative Decree 69/2012, which has implemented the regulation on cookies in Italy. It applies to Malatesta Viaggi s.r.l.’s website (referred to in this Notice as “the website”) either through a browser on a desktop computer and through applications installed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Other websites that may be reached by clicking on links on the website are not included.


A cookie is a small piece of data, often containing a single and anonymous ID code, that a server sends to the user’s web browser and that is afterwards stored on the hard disk of the user’s pc. Then, every time the user connects to the same website later on, that cookie is reread and recognized only by the website that had sent it.


Our website uses various types of cookies as follows:
– Technical or session cookies, necessary to ensure a safe and efficient browsing. Session cookies are especially aimed at ensuring: security, access to reserved areas, improvement of the service provided. For such cookies no consent to their usage is required since they are essential to browse the website or in any case to the functioning of the website or to save of the preferences set by the user. If the user disables the cookies through the browser settings, browsing our website may get harder or even impossible.
-third-party analytical cookies, aimed at analysing how the users browse our website. We especially use Google Analytics, a web analytics tool by Google, Inc. (“Google”). This tool allows to collect aggregate and anonymous data on how users browse our website and on the general functioning of the website. For further information on GA please visit:
– profiling cookies are not used.


– when a user visits our website for the first time, he/she is asked to give his/her consent on the use of cookies closing the banner by clicking on “x” or “ok” or carrying on browsing. If you instead want to disable Google Analytics cookies, please follow the instructions at
– always through your own browser settings.


You can always change cookie settings by managing the browser settings if you do not want cookies to be saved on your device. To do that, you have to follow the instructions provided by the browser (usually under “help”, “tools” or “edit” on the browser toolbar). By disabling a cookie or a cookie category, cookies are not deleted from the browser. Therefore, they must be deleted directly in the browser.
Cookies on your computer can be deleted, disabled or restored by managing the cookie settings of third-party content providers or those on your browser.
Please find below instructions to the use of cookies in today’s main browsers:
– Chrome
– Firefox
– Internet Explorer
– Safari
If you use a mobile device, please read the user guide to find out how to manage the cookie settings.

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